Welcome to my web gallery! Thank you for taking the time to view my images, I hope you enjoy them.

I am an amateur enthusiast photographer, but have many opportunities to use my camera in fieldwork in my work. My main photography areas are landscapes, wildlife and most recently - underwater photography.

I love the light of evenings and mornings, and especially a good sunset in a coastal setting! As a hobby, photography takes up more and more of my time, and with the combination of diving - the otherworldly creatures of the deep are a favourite subject.

Images on this site are taken with a wide range of cameras and lenses. For me, size matters, and I have therefore landed on the use of Olympus equipment since taking up photography for real again in 2007. I travel a lot in coastal areas with bad weather and the gear is really rugged! Most images in my portfolio are taken with an Olympus E3 or E5 and a range of Zuiko Pro or Top Pro Four Thirds lenses and two Sigma Four Thirds macro lenses. In later years, I have added OMD-EM1 Mark II and OMD-EM1 bodies to my kit, and am using Micro Four Thirds for it's travel versatility.  Some older images were taken with Olympus XZ-2, XZ-1, E-PL3 or OMD-EM5, and apart from a few images from Australia in 2007 that were taken with my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 350 and Tamron lens - all the rest are taken with Olympus cameras.

I try to blog sometimes when I have the time. Comments are welcome.

My profile picture was taken by Anne Helen Robberstad during a fun birding trip to Varanger, Norway.